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How to Change The Handles in a PVC Window.

How to change a PVC Window Handle

There are as many reasons for replacing a PVC window handle as there are reasons for it to go wrong. The handle may be broken, jammed, or just tired and old, or you may simply want to refresh your PVC windows with a newer version of different colour window handles. Say for instance you have white window handles and you would like to have gold, silver, or even chrome PVC window handles fitted in their place.

Most window handle replacements are very straightforward and without much problems, with our videos, you can watch how our technicians change them and give you the confidence to change your own handles DIY.

Replacing the window handles in a PVC Window

You will need…

  1. A Philips head screwdriver (or power driver)
  2. A ruler or a tape measure.

Step 1: Remove the existing window handle

  • Remove the rose covers (screw cover caps)
  • Turn the handle in the open position.
  • Remove the screw. 

Once the screws are removed the handle should gently lift off.

Step 2: what type of handle to replace with

  • Identify whether your handles are inline, offset, or cockspur.
  • Measure the spindle length. 
  • Now you can select your replacement handle HERE!  We have a great range available online, ready for next-day dispatch.
  • Take a look at our range of window handles if you need help choosing a replacement. 

Step 3: Fit the replacement handle

  • Turn the new handle in the open position.
  • Hold the handle with one hand.
  • With the other hand screw the top screw into place and then screw the top screw into place. or on top opening windows, you can screw the left screw first then right or vice versa.
  • Push the new rose caps on the handle.
  • Check the handle is operating correctly.

Recap on how to change a window handle:

  1. Remove the existing window handle.
  2. Identify a replacement handle.
  3. Fit the replacement handle.

If you’re still finding it difficult to change a window handle in your home, call our window and door specialists on 0874056363 

Visit our youtube channel to see how to change the pvc window handle yourself.




Author: Teresa