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Yale Side Hung Window Hinges Friction Stay 12" inch


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Yale uPVC Window Hinges Friction Stay 12″ inch suitable as replacement for Munster joinery Cotswold

Yale Window Hinges Friction Stay 12″ inch suitable as alternative or spurious replacement for munster joinery Cotswold 10″ inch

Suitable as Munster Joinery Casement Window Hinge Cotswold 10 inch replacement with a little adjustment.  This hinge can be used as a replacement for the Cotswold 10 inch side hung window hinge for Munster joinery uPVC casement windows.


  • 13mm Stack
  • Excellent weather sealing and draught-proofing performance from extended enclosed end cap and asymmetrical vent arm.
  • Compatible with uPVC, timber, and aluminium windows
  • 4mm Stack Packers/Risers HERE (rises the stack to 17mm)

What’s Included

1 x 12 inch Yale Window Hinge


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