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White Octagonal Drip Caps Drainage Hole Covers


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Octagonal Drainage Caps for UPVC Windows and Doors (10 pack)

Octagonal Drain Slot Cover Caps White Water Outlet

Octagonal Face Drainage Cap Covers in White

White Octagonal Drainage Caps are suitable for use on doors, windows (Regular and tilt and turn) and where standard drainage holes are used. To install, simply push the cap into the drainage hole until it clicks in place. Requires a 9mm diameter hole to fit.


  • Width 13.6 millimetres
  • Height 13.6 millimetres
  • Depth 12 millimetres
  • 10.7 millimetres to the outside of the legs

What’s included

10 x White Octagonal Face Drainage Caps for 9mm Holes



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