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Wedge Gasket Seal for Glass and Glazing W502


Double Glazing Wedge Gasket W502

Glazing Wedge Gasket W502 (sold per metre)

This glazing seal wedge gasket comes in various thicknesses. This type of glazing gasket is used in the installation of double-glazed units. Over time these gaskets can shrink and become cracked giving a poor seal to your window.

We have W502 in stock, if you require any other sizes please get in touch HERE and we will let you know if we can get the one you want.  These are sold per metre, where the quantity says 1 this is one metre, if you require 20 metres type 20 on the selection box

To install the gasket:

  1. First, remove a section of your old existing gasket and identify it. (Note: all you need to do is measure the gap between the glass unit and the window frame and this will give you the thickness you require.)
  2. To install the gasket, just start from the corners and work your way around the window pushing the gasket into the gap between the glass and frame.


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