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Window Hinges

Our Window Hinges Made from stainless steel and built to last, these friction stays offer improved smooth closure and high performance of your windows.  Some reasons why your friction window hinge may need to be replaced:

  • You are having difficulty when opening & closing the window.
  • The window feels jammed or seized.
  • The window sash is not closing tightly into the frame.
  • There are draughts coming in the edge of your window frame.
  • The window slides back closed after you open it.

We sell window hinges for all pvc and aluminium windows throughout Ireland. Whether its a broken pvc window hinge or aluminium window hinge we can replace them for you. we supply and fit   buy pvc and aluminium window hinges online, fricktion hinges, friction stays, 12 inch top hung, 12 inch side hung hinges, munster joinery window hinges  How To Measure and Replace uPVC Window Hinges.      Side hung windows have visible hinges on one side, and a handle on the other. the top hung window handle is located at the bottom of the sash, and it opens outwards and upwards. Normally, up to 90 degree angle to the frame

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