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D’Best Door and Window Parts Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I call you regarding a question I have?

We have fully qualified staff waiting to answer any of your queries by email, we are not available to take calls due to the nature of parts supplies etc, we can only advise by email as we often require a photograph to verify the repair need or the part needed.

Why don’t you have a phone number so I can call you regarding my query?

Due to the nature of parts it is not always possible to identify the correct part and therefore we do not accept calls for queries.

Can I email in my order and you call me back?

All orders must go through the website, this is for both yours and our security, all transactions are logged and a reference is available for both of us to refer to in case of any issue.

You can use our contact form to make any enquirers HERE

You can also visit our Door and Window Online design and ordering platform

Our Best Selling Parts

PVC, composite, wooden Door Letter Box
We sell window hinges for all pvc and aluminium windows throughout Ireland. Whether its a broken pvc window hinge or aluminium window hinge we can replace them for you. we supply and fit
Child Safety
An espagnolette locking system, sometimes called an locking mechanism, is the flat metal strip which runs up the locking side of a window and moves when you turn the handle. They have little round studs on them called mushrooms which slot into and out of the window receivers when the handle is turned. Our technicians will identify any potential cause for a faulty mechansims such as misalignment, a bowed or bent window, a faulty or broken gearbox, problems with the multi point locking systems can be caused by badly adjusted windows or receivers damaged or misaligned. No matter the problem with your mechanisms is, our technicians are capable of identifying and fixing any problem.
Author: Teresa