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Nico Top Hung Standard Friction Window Hinge 8inch 210mm


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Nico Top Hung Standard Friction Window Hinge 8inch 210mm

Top hung window hinges.  These hinges are especially for top hung windows, (NOT SIDE) please ensure you order the correct one, if your window is side opening please click HERE

Top Hung Hinges have the following characteristics:

  • The handle is at the bottom of the sash.
  • The hinges are on the side of the sash.
  • The window pushes out from the bottom and opens in an upward direction.

There are different styles of double glazed windows and we have various friction hinges to suit them such as Side HungEgress Easy CleanRestricted Opening. Click on the different style to go to that page.

Standard Friction Hinge

The standard hinge is made from highly durable stainless steel, providing anti-corrosion properties. Making them incredibly long lasting, whilst also offering excellent functionality including child locking.

Fire Egress Hinge

The Fire Egress hinge provides homeowners with the same smooth and trouble-free operation provided by standard hinges. Additionally, however, it also allows the window to open further, offering an emergency escape route in the event of a fire, these are advised in bedrooms.

Easy Clean Hinge

The Easy Clean hinge is pretty self-explanatory. It provides access to both faces of the window which makes cleaning easy and hassle-free. They are particularly well suited to properties where the outside of the window is hard to reach. Such as in a block of flats or non-ground-floor properties.

Nico Top Hung Standard Friction Window Hinge Stay 8inch 210mm

These are Top hung, this means that the window opens out and up.  You can have small top opening windows such as an en suite or utility windows where there is a small opening on the top of the window.  Then you can have a larger top opening, the opening starts at the transom (the bar going across your window) dividing the top and bottom, and then you can have large top opening windows, these are usually fire escape windows in a bedroom, for instance, they can be a metre high and 800m wide, there are often 3 window handles, on on the bottom and two on the sides, when all handles are in the open position the window again pushes out from the bottom and up.


  • 64 Degree Opening
  • Steel Construction
  • Tested to 30,000 Cycles
  • Stack Height 13mm
  • Stack width: 18mm


  • Steel

Hinge designs may change from time to time, but the sizes remain constant so variations in the images and hinges received may vary, however it is the same product.


1 pair of 8″ 210mm Nico uPVC Top Hung Window Stay Friction Hinges (2 pack)

These 13mm stack height hinges are designed to stay in any open position by means of friction & are common on top-hung uPVC or aluminium windows.

There are varied makes and models of hinges on the Irish market fitted in uPVC windows, there is rarely an issue with the makes or models of hinges, as long as the replacement pair is of the same length, the same width of track, and importantly the same stack height as the original hinges then they will suit the window to be repaired and will work.  Always re-fit both hinges this will ensure a smooth operation and also ensure that both the top and bottom are exactly the same opening degree.


Use our repair screws if you are drilling into existing holes and self-tapping screws for new holes. CLICK HERE

Stack Height:

Our hinges are 13mm as standard, if you are not sure the height of the stack please air on caution and order our hinge packers which are 4mm and can ensure that if your stack is 17mm you have the parts you need to repair your window. To order hinge packers CLICK HERE.

If you are not sure or need a 17mm stack height we recommend purchasing our hinge packers, which clip onto the hinge and convert a standard hinge into a high stack

Ordering the correct hinge

This hinge has a 13mm Stack Depth (see choosing the right hinge diagram). A 17mm Stack is also available but you will need to contact us on our contact page for these. To order the correct hinge you must measure the hinge you are going to replace, please ensure you:- Chose the right hang type – are your windows:

  1. Top Hung (swings from top with handle on the bottom of the sash) or Side Hung (swings from one side with handle on opposite side)
  2. Hinge Length – length of the hinge part that fixes to window frame

Some reasons why your friction window hinge may need to be replaced:

  • You are having difficulty when opening & closing the window.
  • The window feels jammed or seized.
  • The window sash is not closing tightly into frame.
  • There are draughts coming in the edge of your window frame.
  • The window slides back closed after you open it.

All of the above are symptoms of a failed window hinge, and failed window hinges not only allow cold draughts into your home, they are also a security risk.

We have the following hinges to order:

Description Size (“) Opening (°) Width (mm) Height (mm) Weight (kg) Stack Height 13mm SKU
Top Hung 8 64 1300 300 10 Yes 200/01
Top Hung 10 86 1300 450 16 200/02
Top Hung 12 87 1300 600 21 200/03
Top Hung 16 84 1300 700 22 200/04
Top Hung 20 42 1300 900 24 200/05
Top Hung 24 38 1300 1500 50 200/06
Side Hung 12 87 600 1300 16 200/07
Side Hung 16 84 700 1300 22 200/08

Please Note: Returns are gladly accepted within 14 days, in original packaging, and unopened/unused.  There is a 25 % re-stocking fee on all returns except faulty or incorrectly supplied products.  There is no refund on any door or window seals as these are cut to size. the restocking fee will be deducted from the total transaction amount unless the item is returned as a faulty or incorrect part supplied. We do not refund the original shipping. We do not exchange any products.  If you are returning a faulty or incorrectly supplied part we will send you a replacement or a refund as soon as we receive the original parts back to us.  Please contact us prior to ordering if you having any queries regarding these terms and conditions.  Click HERE for the returns form.  This MUST be filled out and all returns must come with these returns for, otherwise, we cannot accept them,

If you have queries on any of our products or if the part you require is not on our site please use our CONTACT FORM to send us a picture or part number of the part you need, we will get back to you and get you sorted ASAP.

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