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Door Handle Split Spindle for Multi Point Door Locks


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If you have a split spindle gearbox that allows you to lift the handle to lock from the outside but not open from the outside then this spindle will work for your lock.  the spring means that there is constant tension on the handle to stay in the locked position.  the spindle isnt quite half and half, one is 60mm with spring and the other is 63mm with spring, this is done so your spindle will fit on all type doors.

Split Spindle for Multi-Point Door Lock with springs.

These spindles are also called half spindles.   This means that you can lock the door from the outside but no one can open the door from the outside unless they have a key.   the door can be opened as usual from the outside.

These split spindles are suitable for gearboxes such as the GU split spindle HERE or any other gearbox with the ability to take split spindles.


  • 60mm piece with spring (approx)
  • 63mm piece with spring (approx)
  • 8mm diameter

What’s included

1 x pair of split spindles, (2 pieces)

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This split spindle will fit the GU secury multipoint locking mechanism below

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