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Window Lock Mechanism 22mm Backset Inline Espag uPVC 600mm


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Window Lock Mechanism Inline Espag 600mm

600mm Espag window locking mechanism for uPVC windows with 22mm backset.  Espag window locking mechanisms and gearboxes for UPVC windowsEspag, offset models available.


Window Lock Mechanism Inline Espag Upvc 600mm | 22mm Backset

Replacement UPVC Window lock Inline Espag Window mechanism for UPVC windows where the locking system has failed. Simple to fit into the existing window sash.

  • Overall Length 600mm
  • The ‘Backset’ (22mm)
  • Inline Gearbox
  • Rail Width (16mm)

You can order offset window lock mechanism HERE.  This window locking mechanism is also suitable for most PVC windows, it is also suitable for Munster Joinery Window Repairs.  Do you need mechanism keeps or receivers?  You can choose from our window lock receivers here.

Please Note:

Please check your replacement window locks ‘Backset’, this is the distance from the front of the lock to the center of the spindle as shown here.  This is to ensure your new window lock will fit into the position of the old one, however, if you cannot get the exact match it is possible to open up the hole on the frame by 1-2mm with a drill.  It is also advisable to ensure you order the right length window espag for your window.  As we have several suppliers our espags can differ from the photos shown, some of our espags are shorter than the one you ordered, this is not an issue and you just need to retap the screws in the new holes and push the receiver to the new mushroom cam position.

If you have queries on any of our products or if the part you require is not on our site please use our CONTACT FORM to send us a picture or part number of the part you need, we will get back to you and get you sorted ASAP.

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