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GU Ferco Europa Secury Lever Operated Latch & Deadbolt 4 Roller 35/92 / 6-32258-20-0-1 (short)


Availability: Only 2 left in stock (can be backordered)

Length (1765mm long) This is a shorter version of GUs 4 roller lock mechanism


·        Faceplate : 16mm

·        Centres: 92mm

·        Case height: 195mm

·        Case depth: Backset + 18mm

·        Overall length: 1765mm

·        Distance between outer rollers: 1610mm

·        Distance between inner rollers: 670mm

GU Secury Europa Lever Operated Latch & Deadbolt Single Spindle Lock Mechanism- 4 Roller cam 35/92 reference no:  6-32258-20-0-1
The GU Secury Europa is a lever operated single spindle multipoint lock mechanism latch and deadbolt that works with a Euro profile lock case, it has a 35mm backset, with 92mm centres,  this deadbolt has a 16mm wide faceplate and it has 4 rollers.  This mechanism operates like most Irish mechanisms, you lift and turn the key to lock, and turn anticlockwise to open then push the handle down.
  • Faceplate – 16mm
  • 35mm Backset
  • Locking Point – Roller – 4
  • Backset – 35mm
  • Case Height – 195mm
  • Case Width – 50mm
  • Centres – 92mm
  • Length – Shorter than standard at 1765mm long

Does not include a lock cylinder

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