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Heavy Duty Cotswold 10" Friction Stay Window Hinges for Munster Joinery PVC, Aluminium, or Wood Windows


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Cotswold Heavy Duty 10 Inch Friction Stay Window Hinge 17 mm Stack suitable for munster joinery wood or pvc casement windows.

  • Length of Stay: 10 inches / 260mm
  • Stack Height: 17mm This stack height is often referred to as the high stack height
  • Track Width: 22mm
  • Maximum window weight = 16KG.
  • Top hung or Side hung

Operation Style: (high stack) 17mm stack height, top or side hung priced and sold in pairs.  Please check your track width and stack height before ordering, as these will not fit the smaller stack or width.

Pair of Heavy Duty Cotswold 10″ Inch

Friction Stay Window Hinge suitable for Munster Joinery PVC, aluminium, or wood windows with a 17mm Stack


Do you have Munster Joinery PVC windows in your home,  are your window sashes loose, not close tight or have gaps in the corner of the window between the sash and the frame?  If so, you more than likely have 10-inch side hung Cotswold Friction hinges.  These differ from other window hinges are they are robust, heavy-duty, and strong.

  • Length of Stay: 10 inches / 260mm
  • Maximum window weight = 16KG
  • Left and right paired
  • Top hung or Side hung

If the measurements above are not correct the hinge you need is the small low stack and narrow track sinidex pair of 10-inch cotswold.  You can CLICK HERE to order them.

Most modern window hinges are interchangeable, once you replace the hinges with one of the same length and stack height then they should interchange without much problem, always replace both hinges to ensure you have the right coordination between the two hinges and ensure they operate smoothly.

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