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We supply window and door spare parts from leading manufacturers as well as being accessories. Our knowledgeable staff can help to identify parts and ensure that you order the correct parts.  From Child safety restrictors, pvc window weep hole drainage caps, hinge and restrictor risers, french door shoot bolts. self-tapping screws, air vents,  pvc window and door packers, and much more

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Window PartsWindow hinge packers 4mm Friction Hinge Packers which when clipped onto a 13mm standard stack friction hinge will increase the height from 13mm to 17mm stack. Simply click onto the arm of the friction hinge that fastens to the opening window sash. Three packers are required per hinge.

Window Child Safety Restrictor Catches. Restrictor catches are a child safety device, it is designed to limit the opening of your window to 100 mm. Iou can release the catch to open the window fully, it automatically re-engages and locks into the restricted position when you close the window. Glazing Packers Spacers 1mm/2mm/3mm/4mm/5mm/6mm Avocet uPVC French Door Shootbolt. French Door GU Ferco Shotbolt top Bolt Overall Length - 160mm (not including teeth). French door Shotbolt Extensions 160mm. French Door parts, where to buy parts for french doors, a parts for french door locks, Trickle Air Vents pvc window specialised window and door repairs or replacement screws Brown Pvc Window Drain Caps Weep Hole Drainage Covers uPvc Double Glazing, comes in : white, brown, tan and black Cockspur Wedges also known as Striker Plates, these are used with Cockspur Handles. The wedges are used with the lug (nose) on the cockspur to ensure that the window is pulled tight to the frame. Wedges are simple to fit as they just push into the holes. pvc window specialised window and door repairs or replacement screws

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