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Lockmaster Top and Bottom uPVC French Door Shootbolt


Lockmaster uPVC French Door Shotbolt

The Lockmaster french door replacement shoot bolts are designed to fit the standard 16mm Eurogroove on the frame of the French door; they also fit standard uPVC Front and Back Doors. These shoot bolt extensions are designed for use on both the master and slave leaf sides of French and uPVC doors. The shoot bolts are supplied in pairs and should be fitted to the top and bottom sides. These attach by the connector teeth under the door faceplate to the mechanism inside the door that is operated up and down by the handle.

LOCKMASTER Top and Bottom UPVC French Door Shootbolt

Lockmaster top and bottom shootbolt extensions for uPVC French doors. These shootbolts connect to the serrated teeth on the existing mechanism or locking strip.  These come as a pair, one is the inline shootbolt that connects to the bottom of the existing multipoint door locking mechanism, the other has a reverse action, and this fits the top of the locking mechanism strip.


  • Supplied as a Pair
  • Will fit most makes of uPVC door or frames with a standard 16mm Euro groove

What’s in the pack?

1 x Lockmaster Top Shoot Bolt Extension

1 x Lockmaster Bottom Shoot Bolt Extension


  • Top shoot bolt length: 210mm
  • Top shoot bolt width: 15.8mm
  • Bottom shoot bolt length: 210mm
  • Bottom shoot bolt width: 15.8mm
  • Euro Groove width: 16mm

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