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Cockspur Window Handle for aluminium and old PVC Windows (Right) Black


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Mila Cockspur Right Handed Window Handle with Locking Lug 9mm – 21mm Step Height Range

The Mila cockspur handle is distinct as it has a spur, sometimes called a nose or snout to the side.  This spur secures over a wedge on the frame to seal and secure the window.   It is in older uPVC windows and many aluminium framed windows (see dimension drawing for more details) and occasionally found in wooden windows, however its rare in wooden windows.

This handle offers a variety of step heights from 9 mm – normally used on aluminium windows – to 21 mm – usually used on PVC windows.  The standard step-height is 21 mm. The 3 spur wedges supplied enable the handle to be used as a 17 mm, 13 mm or 9 mm depending on the wedge selected. Comes with cover cap and key (fixing screws not included)

Handles can be used to replace most double glazed cockspur window handles. Just check handing and stack height required.   Fitting Tip: You will receive 3 purpose made triangle wedges which quickly locate and screw under the protruding cock-spur lug on each handle. The wedges allow the handles to achieve the following step heights (The dimension from under the lug to the base plate of the handle)

Cockspur Right Handed Window Handle in Black

Cockspur window handles are the oldest type of window handles on the market.  They are called after the small spur (triangle piece) that sticks out of the side of the handle that pushes against the PVC wedge on the frame when closing the window, creating a secure closing.  These were the first handles used in aluminium windows and they were also the first type of handles in the older uPVC windows.  The cockspur window handle is a simple latch mechanism that is simple to use and has a key locking function. Cockspur window handles come in left and right options and operate by turning them 90 degrees.


  • No wedge fitted = 21mm
  • Thin wedge = 17mm (Actual wedge depth 4mm)
  • Middle wedge = 13mm (Actual wedge depth 8mm)
  • Thickest wedge = 9mm (Actual wedge depth 12mm)


  • White
  • Black
  • Silver

There are several reasons why you will need to replace your window handle, for instance, if the hinges are damaged or corroded they will become sticky and the window can jam, causing strain on the window handle when pulling excessively to close the window.  It’s common that when you have to replace your uPVC window handle that you have to replace the window hinge at the same time.

We have identified a few other causes for replacing broken uPVC window handles, for example:

  1. When the mechanism is jammed, often the handle can be put under pressure and the homeowner can wring the handle.
  2. The handle can break due to good old-fashioned wear and tear and lack of maintenance.

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